My life has been immeasurably affected by people, experiences, and places too numerous to list, but I feel I must mention the following:

Ventura: My wonderful parents, Iris Chow and Kent Hollenback; siblings Kelsey, Justin, and Connor; Kevin Bortolin; The Waln Family; Brian Peterson.

San Francisco: Ruthanne Lum McCunn, Mim Locke, Bonnie Dundee, Michael Delgado, Brad Luke, David Albert, Austin Miller, and Martin de Porres House of Hospitality.

Austria: Pepita Fallmann, Norbert Stolz, Birgit Fallmann, Maria Fallmann, and all the families that brought me in and fed me.

New Zealand: Lina Castles and her wonderful family; Alan, Ngaire, and Alana Clarke; Rachel Kyle; Bill Hale; Hanson Kete; Phil Wedd; Jason Beets-Tai; Big Shane; Shogun (Adam); Niel; Dani; Auntie; and all the pressers and wool handlers I had the pleasure of working with.


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Image above: My gear brush while I worked in New Zealand. The nickname they gave me stamped on it.