Sharpening Service

Photo Credit: Brittany App

I offer full service sharpening of sheep, goat, camelid, horse, and cattle shearing/clipping combs and cutters. I use a proper high speed Lister Pro Grinder in conjunction with Supershear Pro Grind emery papers. If your shearing combs and cutters look anything like the ones below, I can grind them.



Combs: $2 each
Cutters: $1.50 each
Return Shipping: Calculated at the time of shipping

I can also polish the backs of your combs if they have become tarnished and no longer run smoothly.

Note: I do not currently offer sharpening service for fine/pet clippers (e.g. Lister Star, Premier 4000c, etc.), but hope to in the future.

Please contact me for more information or to send me your combs/cutters for service.

Photo Credit: Brittany App