Sharpening Service

I offer full service sharpening of sheep, goat, camelid, horse, and cattle shearing/clipping combs and cutters. I use a high speed Lister Pro Grinder in conjunction with Supershear Pro Grind emery papers. If your shearing combs and cutters look anything like the ones below, I can grind them.


I can also polish the backs of your combs if they have become tarnished and no longer run smoothly.

Note: I do not currently offer sharpening service for fine/pet clippers (e.g. Lister Star, Premier 4000c, etc.), but hope to in the future.

Please feel free to contact me at anytime for more information or to send me your combs/cutters for service.

Photo above:

The Lister Pro Grinder I use. Fresh emeries.